What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence involves a set of skills that define how well we recognize and respond to emotions. These skills have been shown to underlie many aspects of success in life which is why emotional intelligence has redefined what it means to be smart.

The Genos Model of Emotional Intelligence

Our unique solution combines Emotional Intelligence and Employee Engagement into a single, integrated offering designed for before and after measurements with a training or coaching intervention in between.  The Genos Model of Emotional Intelligence was designed for development and to “show the needle moving” in developing Emotional Intelligence abilities and driving Employee Engagement.

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By 2020 Emotional Intelligence will be in the top 10 required job skills

Genos International is an ICF accredited Business Solutions partner.
As the world leader in behaviorally based Emotional Intelligence assessments and training solutions, our assessments have been in use by many ICF coaches for many years.

Genos EI assessments measure the emotionally intelligent workplace behaviors that underlie success. Designed specifically for development-oriented coaches and trainers, they are supported by a wealth of peer-reviewed research and are accompanied by beautiful reports containing practical development suggestions.

The Genos EI Certification Program will make you an expert in applying Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. Learn from experts who develop and apply emotional intelligence with Fortune 500 companies every day.

Learn to design and sell emotional intelligence solutions to clients; develop individuals’ and teams’ emotional intelligence by assessing and debriefing their assessment results, and provide practical tools and techniques for being more emotionally intelligent in the workplace; and design and deliver group emotional intelligence development sessions.

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International Coach Federation certified coaches can earn 10 Core Competency hours and 4 Resource Development hours by completing the Genos EI Certification

Exceptional assessments, designed by PhD level psychometricians, used by large and small organizations everyday.

All of our programs focus upon delivering content that is solidly based upon respected research, delivering tried and tested approaches to affecting behavior change that has a positive impact on the individual, his/her colleagues and the business at large.

Specially designed to make you the expert in applying Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.

Advancing Emotional Intelligence

We help professionals apply core emotional intelligence skills that enhance their self-awareness, empathy, leadership and resilience.

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